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Ceili Classes at Healy Academy

Ceili Classes typically occur prior to the Oireachtas (O-rock-tas), which is held yearly over Thanksgiving weekend. 


Ceili Dance: a ceili (kay-lee) is a traditional Irish gathering for fun, fellowship, and laughs (or craic as the Irish might say!) Traditional ceili dances were enjoyed at house parties and corner road gatherings in the rural countrysides. Decades later, they are still danced in Ireland. 

Team dancing has been a way to unite individual dancers to join as one larger whole. It supports school spirit and teaches dancers about teamwork, dedication, patience, trust and resilience. It also teaches students that being part of something can be much more fun and rewarding than competing alone. 

At Healy Academy, dancers may practice and compete as a soloist, or part of a team. Ceili is a great chance to meet new dance friends and be part of a team. For dancers interested in participation, teams are developed by Sheila during the summer prior to the Oireachtas. Team placement and invitation is dependent on age, level and skillset.

Please keep in mind, any soloist that is planning on competing in a solo competition at a Major must compete on a team.

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